Honey for Sale

 A few notes about our honey:
•    Our honey is straight from the hives that are in my back garden. Bees don’t fly more than 3 miles and in Clontarf, they don’t need to fly that far to get nectar.
•    All real honey will crystallise over time, if that happens just place the jar in warm water (without the lid) until it softens up – don’t boil or put it in the microwave.
•    Our honey is not heated and is only coarsely filtered in order to retain bits of the pollen, and will be higher in natural enzymes, than if filtered. (My Honey Extraction Process) All of these components add anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as a whole host of other phenolic acids and minerals essential to the development of a healthy immune system. Raw local honey also provides the best natural energy boost available from any raw natural food.

Special thanks for Olive’s Room at the Red Stable to featuer our honey in their Rise and Shine breakfast menu. A great way to showcase the local produce. Honey on porridge every morning is my favourite also, it is soft, not too sweet, but full of flavour and depths.

DCU researcher Saorla Kavanagh  “find urban bees make better honey than their country cousins” in her research to compare Irish honey with Manuka honey. Because the higher content of phenolic acids and minerals it contains.

For more information about our honey please contact us on: clontarfhoney@gmail.com


honey jar photo2016 Honey for Sale: clontarfhoney@gmail.com
with honey pot from AmericaHome made honey with honey pot from our American friend, the McGlynns. How nice it is, thanks Carmel!
chunk honey photoA few jars of special chunk honey with honeycombs
chunk honey photoLast year’s honey tasting night at the Fingal beekeepers association. The pot in the middle with the green bull head was mine. Honey was arranged by its color and it is amazing to see honey from the same area is so different in color! Members’ comment on my honey was that it was soft, not too sweet, but full of flavor and depths, must be the result of the wide varieties of flowers in Clontarf.

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