My Journey with my Meadow Bees

I started beekeeping in year 2013 after watching documentaries about honeybee’s plea on netflix. I thought that I had a nice big garden along the Dart line in Clontarf, where flowers are abundant and no pesticides and fungicides, why I can’t do something to help the poor honeybees?

Year 2013 was the year to learn the trick. I went to each of the Fingal Beekeepers’ Association meetings, joined the beginners’ course in early 2014. Then got my first hive from my lovely mentor Judith in June. My hive survived the winter and now in 2015, it’s spawned off 2 hives and looks like they will give me more than 20kg of honey, marvelous hardworking girls!

In the short 2 years with my honeybees, I have developed deep relationship with them. Everyday after work, I go and check on them before calling out for my son. And the relationship with them has been extended to be more in harmony with nature and completely changed our life style. I feel so much in debt and appreciation to my honeybees and they deserve the blog to record my journey with them.

Have to mention my Dad, who is an indispensable helper to my beekeeping tasks. He is the smoker master, assembles the bee boxes and frames and lifts the heavy bee boxes with me. No mention the endless time that he is a such patient listener to my bee topics. Dad is a man of few words, since Mum passed away, the way to talk to him is the traditional shoulder to shoulder talk that men do when they talk about work. My bees have given me this opportunity that every Saturday afternoon is the time to inspect the bees, also the time that is just me and my Dad.

Here are the link to the documentaries about the honeybees on Netflix

Vanishing of the Bees
Queen of the Sun
Killer Bees of Africa

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