A great year (2019) for my teaching hive in IBM Campus

Since the beginning of the year, my work place, IBM in Damastown, started a “Bee Green” project by volunteers, to reduce waste, create green space, better environment for the employees and everything in nature. Bees are an important part given in the IBM logo there is a bee. So I set up an apiary and brought a nuc there in May. There were so many interests among the co-workers and now we have a group of people who have bought their own bee suits and learning the beekeeping craft from me. Now this hive serves as a teaching hive.

Today we had a last look into the hive, they have a new queen, who is laying and have built up some store. But they haven’t made much progress on building combs on the empty frames. While my bees in my back garden have done much better. It is another evidence that urban areas suit the honey bees better. Look forward to next year to see them expanding.

img_1508 mygu71771

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